Art Pro Camp (ages 12-17)

with Allyson Bode

June 10-14

Art Pro Camp combines lessons in drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture with exploration of current ASC exhibitions and summer camp themes.

Students will create 2D and 3D projects, and focus not only on artistic methods and working with different media, but also on the creative process itself by exploring mental health.

The camp will provide a nurturing environment where creativity becomes a conduit for addressing and understanding social and emotional issues.

This program will be a journey of artistic exploration, connection, and growth, where every brushstroke and creative endeavor becomes a pathway to self-discovery.

Parent or guardian must read, complete, and submit the summer camp manual by the first day of camp. Download here.

Scholarships are available! Complete the scholarship application here.

Support for this camp is provided by a Kenneth Reams Arts for Justice Grant.

Shakeelah Rahmaan
Programs Director
(870) 536-3375
About the Instructor

Allyson Bode

Allyson Bode is a dynamic fabrication artist specializing in mixed media, with a diverse background in fine arts, sculpting, makeup effects, and theatrical design. Originally from Conway, Allyson's artistic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in fine arts and German language from Hendrix College in 2010. Eager to expand her creative horizons, she pursued further education at the Douglas Education Center, earning an associate's degree in specialized business for makeup effects in 2017. 

Allyson's artistic talents have taken her on a multifaceted career path, where she has honed her skills as a sculptor and mold maker in bronze foundries and scenic design studios. Her work has been seen on stages, in galleries, and installations in several states, showcasing her versatility and proficiency in various mediums. With a passion for storytelling, Allyson has lent her expertise to the world of theater, designing and creating sets, props, costumes, and makeup for numerous stage productions. Currently based in Orlando, Florida, Allyson balances her creative pursuits as a part-time art teacher and independent contractor. 

She shares her knowledge and passion for art with her local community while continuing to expand her own artistic repertoire. In addition to her professional endeavors, Allyson indulges her creative spirit by producing her own artwork, which she showcases and sells at local art festivals and comic conventions. Her eclectic creations blend imagination and craftsmanship, reflecting her diverse influences and experiences. Outside of her artistic pursuits, Allyson finds joy in dancing, writing, and music, which inspire and enrich her creative endeavors.


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