Artist-in-Residence Program

The ARTx3 Campus is launching a new artist-in-residence program for working artists in our beautiful ART WORKS on Main building, located at 627 S. Main Street in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

ARTx3 is offering dedicated time, space, and resources to conduct research, teach classes, community outreach, and create new work.

Residencies can be 1, 3, or 6 months in length

Expectations of Residency

Artistic Output

  • Create a body of work during the residency period that reflects your experience engaging with the community of Pine Bluff.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to artistic exploration and experimentation.
  • Acceptable media:
       • Visual arts
       • Written arts
       • Digital arts
       • Musical arts
       • Performing arts

Community Engagement

  • Conduct an artist talk(s), workshops, and/or presentations for the local community.
  • Participate in public events and open studio sessions.
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to emerging artists, if applicable.


  • Collaborate with other artists, residents, or community members on projects or events.-
  • Engage with the local community to gain insight and inspiration for the development of your own work

Benefits of Residency

Financial Support

Artists in Residence will receive a $1,000 monthly stipend. Artists are also provided with a fully furnished studio apartment and a private studio.

Time and Space

The ARTx3 residency is an immersive, process-centric experience. Artists are given freedom to delve into research, experimentation, and creation. The duration of these residencies ranges from one, to three, to six months, contingent upon the intricacies of the artist's proposal and interests. Designated exhibition and performance space is available during the residency. Comfortable, on-site lodging with private studio space allow for ease of both relaxation and creativity.

Facilities & Resources

The ARTx3 Campus has spacious and fully furnished studio apartments (including ADA accessible) that are the perfect home away from home. All apartments are equipped with a kitchen, TV, and all necessary basic items (linens, bedding, dishes, etc.) Each apartment comes with its own work studio. The studios are equipped with utility sinks and several options for tables and chairs depending on what your medium requires. There is also a laundry room accessible for all residents, a keypad entryway to the apartments, and private parking.

Community Studio Access

The Artist-in-Residence receives privileged access to the community studio, complete with state-of-the-art facilities featuring such equipment as pottery wheels, a kiln, a sandblaster, and a designated indoor and outdoor workspace, all available during the operational hours of The ARTSpace on Main. These communal resources are shared with other members of the community studio, serving both as collaborative hubs and instructional venues for classes.

Engagement in Community Outreach

ARTx3 prides itself on affordable artistic programming for our local community. We require our residents to offer artist talks, open studio time, and workshops to demonstrate their medium and style with the community. These programs are designed to accommodate a diverse audience, spanning both adults and children. Moreover, we encourage our Artists-in-Residence to immerse themselves in the Pine Bluff community, drawing inspiration from its rich tapestry and contributing to its cultural vitality.

Apply for ARTx3’s Artist Residency

For more information, please contact Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, Kevin Haynie at