Movement & Agility, for ages 30+

with Lauren Robertson of LBR Fitness

Friday, Sept. 13

Get your body feeling good with registered exercise therapist Lauren Robertson of LBR Fitness. This functional strength-building class aims to increase your strength, mobility, balance, flexibility, and confidence! Our bodies were created to move, so let’s learn how together!

Bethany Gere
Public Programs Coordinator
(870) 395-7009
About the Instructor

Lauren Robertson

Lauren Robertson is the owner and founder of LBR Fitness in Pine Bluff. She is a registered exercise therapist and healthy lifestyle coach. Lauren has been helping women over the age of 40 for more than five years break free from diet culture, focus on holistic health, and heal their bodies. She has helped hundreds of women get healthier and stronger, train out of pain, build strength and mobility, reduce inflammation, reduce medications, and heal their mental and physical health by aligning with their design using her “Health Simplified” method.

Lauren is passionate about helping women feel their best and focus on their health beyond just weight loss. She believes that it is never too late to get stronger, healthier, and more mobile!

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