Poetry Camp (ages 12-17)

with Tru Poet

July 8-12

Poetry Camp focuses on poetry and the spoken word, as well as how rhythm and rhymes can help develop a love of language. The workshop will teach campers about performance as well as delivery, and introduce skills to express yourself through poetry and to deepen understanding and appreciation of poems written by others.

Through creative writing sessions, collaborative projects, and open discussions, participants will delve into the poignant intersection of poetry, mental health, and the impact of gun violence on our communities. This transformative camp will compose a guarded space where words become a tool for healing, understanding, and building connections. 

Parent or guardian must read, complete, and submit the summer camp manual by the first day of camp. Download here.

Scholarships are available! Complete the scholarship application here.

Support for this camp is provided by a Kenneth Reams Arts for Justice Grant.

Shakeelah Rahmaan
Programs Director
(870) 536-3375
About the Instructor

Tru Poet

Tru Poet is a nationally ranked poet who won second overall in the 2014 Southern Fried Poetry competition, which is the second largest poetry competition in the word, with his well-known poetry troop Foreign Tongues. He also placed fifth in the same competition in 2018 as an individual. Tru is a traveling spoken word artist, co-author, and now author, with his latest self-published book, “Writing Through the Pain.” He thrives off of performing in front of crowds of all sizes and in various forms, touching the mind and heart of each audience member with his thought-provoking poetry. He is notorious for bringing tears to eyes, joy to hearts, and peace to minds. He has been said to put audience members into a “poetry coma.” He has performed his astonishing poetry for thousands of individuals all across America.


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