Twist and Sparkle: Earring Design Masterclass

with Mary Pat Tate

Friday, Aug. 16

Join us for a creative and fun-filled earring-making class, "Twist and Sparkle," where you'll learn to craft beautiful, custom pieces.

Mary Pat Tate will guide you through techniques for twisting wire and incorporating dazzling beads and gemstones. Perfect for beginners and experienced jewelry-makers alike, you'll leave with stunning, handmade pieces that showcase your personal style.

All materials are provided, so come ready to twist, sparkle, and create!

Bethany Gere
Public Programs Coordinator
(870) 395-7009
About the Instructor

Mary Pat Tate

“Ever since I can remember, I have been an artist, but I never believed it until about 20 years ago when I began creating jewelry.

You see, ‘artists’ can draw and paint, but I can’t draw a stick figure without calling a friend for help. I was more into bulletin boards that knocked the socks off my fellow teachers. I would create whole rainforests down the hallway, complete with water features. I once took my students on a field trip where they sheared live sheep. We brought the wool home, and over the next few weeks, we cleaned and combed it, dyed it, and spun it into yarn. We borrowed a loom and a skilled parent, and wove a wall hanging.

Then in 2017, I started teaching at the college level. With no more bulletin boards and no justification for weaving wall hangings during class, I turned my creative yearnings to jewelry design.

Today, I use repurposed and found objects in conjunction with precious metals, to make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. These are now my bulletin boards. So, no, I can’t draw a dog that anyone would recognize, but guess what? I can make a ring out of just about anything.”


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