Membership Benefits

Enjoy benefits for Two Adults + Children and Grandchildren (ages 17 and younger), including:

  • Postcards of upcoming events mailed to your home or business
  • Name listed in Annual Report
  • 20% discount on class tuition
  • Name listed in every playbill
  • Four ASC lidded theater cups
  • 2 tickets to each ASC theater production
  • Discount on additional theater tickets
  • Four T-shirts from an ASC theater production of your choice
  • Name on plaque in foyer
  • 2 tickets to our annual fundaising event (even years - Potpourri gala; odd years - Razzle Dazzle variety show)
  • 25% discount rental packages
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Business Memberships
Ten Employees receive Basic Benefits
Add names to your Business Membership
$1,000 tax-deductible amount
Additional membership categories and discounts are available. Call (870) 536-3375 to learn more. Memberships are not refundable or transferable. Categories, benefits, and prices are subject to change.